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Last year, during a workshop on #DigitalTransformation at IE University, I was asked about the main skills needed for a job in the tech industry. Today, while watching the interview, I realized that those are not just critical in Technology, but they are key to succeed and thrive in times of uncertainty, like the ones we are living.



The capacity of being able to adjust to new conditions and manage unusual circumstances where there are no explicit instructions. Learning how to rest upon our own judgment and have the confidence to make difficult decisions.

Analytical skills.

The ability to leverage data, transform it into relevant information, and make better decisions by reducing the uncertainty around us.

Communication skills.

In times of change, oftentimes we have to receive and share tough messages with the people around us: customers, partners, colleagues, or stakeholders. Being able to convey and receive messages and active listening can help us tune in to what the other person is thinking and feeling, which will, in turn, make it easier to display empathy and be able to land our message.

I would actually add another one, the cornerstone these days: common sense.

Have a good, safe, and healthy weekend!

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