Como líder de producto y negocios, y experto en estrategia internacional, profesor invitado en algunas de las escuelas de negocios más prestigiosas del mundo y conferenciante en algunos de los eventos tecnológicos más reconocidos en todo el mundo, Adolfo Fernández ha aparecido en numerosas publicaciones y publicaciones online, así como programas de radioTV.

'Internet has decreased the barriers for SMBs international expansion'

Technology has democratized the access to information diminishing the uncertainty that SMBs used to face when expanding internationally. - World Trade Promotion Organization Conference. Paris, France.


The US is one of the markets with highest internet penetration

The US has an internet penetration above 85% which provides international companies with the opportunity to connect with the local audience and assess their true potential before investing in their international expansion.


'Platform markets are here to stay'

The raising of platform markets has allowed SMBs speed up their digital transformation and international expansion. - El Mundo.


'Google launches a new tool to help SMBs expand their business internationally'

With the right tools and support, the barriers to international expansion have never been lower. No matter what you sell, what size you are, or where you’re based, you can take your business to new customers around the world.


'We are the captains of exporting talent to the entire world'

To make Galicia thrive, it is crucial to improve the infrastructures to digitalize the region. - La Voz de Galicia